What is Nomos?

Nomos Token is a Rewards & Utility Token on Binance Smart Chain

Doxxed Team

Nomos Team has been fully doxxed! Most of our holders are loyal investors and look for long term results. Knowing that a proffesional Team is behind the project, further increases the confidence of our investors.

Audited by InterFi Audits

Nomos has Passed a smart contract audit with minor severity risk score. Meaning that trust factor of the project is very high. Investors can feel safe that there are no downflows or loopholes in the contract.

Read the Smart Contract Audit

Liquidity Locked

LP tokens are locked by Pinksale for 1 Year.

Proof of lock: NMS Liquidity Lock

Constant LP

We have set a 1% tax from each transaction. This ensures a sustainable liquidity pool.

4% Token Income from Tax

NMS Holders appreciate token redistribution from each buy & sell transaction.

Get your share of Nomos Token to receive 4% Tax constantly!

Passive Income Potential

Secure your place within the Nomos Holders base. Early investors can appreciate higher returns by the release of Nomos Tools.

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Nomos Token $NMS - Holder Rewarding Token on BSC

Nomos Token ($NMS) Holders are incentivized to Hold via exclusive 4% holder distribution rewards & automatic LP, which further increases the liquidity of Nomos

Automatic LP Expansion

1% of every sell transaction gets put towards the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap

Token Redistribution in NMS

4% of every transaction gets redistributed to holders, i.e., receive more $NMS by holding

Hype Ensurance

6% tax gets swapped to BNB and sent to marketing wallet, ensuring that Nomos project is continuously hyped

TOTAL SUPPLY: 11,000,000,000 NMS


Ticker: NMS

NMS Token Tracker on BscScan

NMS Token Chart on Nomics

Contract Address:



follow our progress

Pre Launch - Phase A

Logo & Website Design

Telegram Group 500+ members

Social Media Channels

Pre Launch - Phase B
Private Presale

Marketing Action

Airdrop Rounds 1 & 2

Fairlaunch on PinkSale

Trading on PancakeSwap

Open Market - BNB/NMS Pair
Launch - Phase 1

1000 Holders ⚙️

Marketing Partnership

White Paper

InterFi Audit

Coingecko Listing ⚙️

CoinmarketCap Listing ⚙️


TrustWallet Logo ⚙️


Phase 2
2000 Holders

Dev Team Expansion ⚙️

Whitepaper V2

Nomos Billboard in London

‘Appolo’ Proof of Concept ⚙️

New Investor Relations ⚙️

Tech Partnerships

Phase 3

5000 Holders

Marketing Campaigns

Giveaways ⚙️


‘Appolo’ Beta 1.0

Nomos Addresses Proof of Concept

Community Discussions & Priorities
Phase 4
10000 Holders

Nomos Dashboard ‘Appolo’ Launch

Nomos Addresses Beta 1.0

Nomos Wallet Beta

Decentralized Applications

Building UI infrastructure on Blockchain


Nomos Dashboard - 'Appolo'

‘Appolo’ is a Nomos optimal AI based dashboard that features hype metrics (simplified), sentiment analysis (global trends), reputation and transaction analysis (advanced). The aim of this tool is to provide organized crypto sentiment data, all combined in a user-friendly interface. The dashboard will be accessible to anyone with ‘Nomos Wallet’ or Metamask.

  • ‘Appolo’ helps make educated decisions when investing in crypto projects
  • Users of ‘Appolo’ will be able to check enhanced data on a neatly designed interface. Coins and tokens will be scanned or selected from a Trend Chart
  • Nomos Token Holders will receive continuous rewards; a nominal transaction fee will be charged to use this feature

Nomos Addresses

Interfaces are just a start when it comes to shortened wallet addresses. Users of Nomos Tools will have the option to set a shortened version of their wallet address. This tool will be used as a separate API layer & will be available for third-party use.

  • Nomos Addresses shorten any existing cryptocurrency wallet address & makes it memorable
  • Nomos Token (NMS) will be used to request on-chain data. A nominal transaction fee will be charged, further rewarding holders of NMS

Nomos Wallet

Nomos wallet comes with integrated Nomos Tools (Nomos Dashboard and Nomos Addresses). On top of that the wallet will feature sophisticated holding display, swaps, trading, and staking opportunities.

  • Nomos Wallet integrates all nomos tools in one interface
  • Nomos Addresses will be first available within the wallet

Meet the Team Nomos

Nomos Team features interdisciplinary professionals from around the globe! Their expertise covers leading successful creative projects, UI design, software development and multi-media marketing

Luka Zet

Strategic Lead

Focused on strategic development of Nomos. Leads successful international projects in creative industry. Supports innovations & blockchain!

George Shein

Concept Development

Architect/designer. Professor. Focused on concept development, branding and tool design.

Louis Lee

Senior Blockchain Developer

An enthusiastic and product-minded software engineer has rich experience with blockchain.

Dea Val

Social Media Marketing

Engaged in evolving Nomos’s online identity and presence. Cares about Art, Science and Technology

Armando, Advisor at Nomos Token (NMS)

Armando Perez


Tech expert and blockchain passionate. Focused on advisory and Americas market growth.

Daniel Z


Has a vast network of connections in the financial & creative tech sector. He is in charge of advancing NOMOS in the UK

General FAQ

When has Nomos Launched?

Nomos Token (NMS) has launched on PinkSale Launchpad at 15th October 2021;

Link to Fairlaunch: PinkSale

Is the NMS Liquidity locked?

LP tokens are locked by Pinksale for 1 Year

Lock Date: 2021.10.15 17:37 UTC

Unlock Date: 2022.10.15 17:37 UTC

Proof of lock: NMS Liquidity Lock

Where can I buy NMS?

You can trade NMS on PancakeSwap > Get NMS on PancakeSwap

How to show NMS in Trust Wallet & MetaMask

To get your tokens shown in your Trust Wallet or Metamask, please follow the instructions below.


📑 Required information when adding NMS Token
Nomos Contract Address:
Token Symbol: NMS
Decimals: 11


🔸 Add NMS Token on TrustWallet

1. Tap on the toggle sign on the upper right corner of the Wallet Screen
2. Scroll all the way down and click ‘Add Custom Token’
3. Select Network (Smart Chain)
4. Paste Nomos Token Contract Address:

-Add Token Symbol: NMS
– Add Decimals of Precision: 11
-Click Done (upper right corner)

✅You shall now see your NMS shown in Trust Wallet

More information available here: https://community.trustwallet.com/t/how-to-add-a-custom-token/213


🔸 Add NMS Token on MetaMask

1. Navigate to Assets
2. Click Add Token
3. Select the Custom Token tab
4. Add Token Contract Address (see below for Nomos’s address):

-Add Token Symbol: NMS
-Add Decimals of Precision: 11
-Click Next

✅ You shall now see your NMS shown in MetaMask


Note that ERC-20 and BEP-20 are same token standards

Is Nomos Smart Contract Audited?

Yes, the smart contract of Nomos (NMS) has been audited by InterFi Audits.

The fact that we have passed a smart contract audit with minor severity risk means that the trust factor in the Project will increase drastically. This enables us to offer better suited proposals to venture capitalists & private tech investors. It is a green light to negotiate with other blockchian projects.

Read the Smart Contract Audit

Can I have passive income with Nomos?

Each Holder of Nomos (NMS) receives 4% tax Redistribution in Tokens

When is Appolo Dashboard Launching?

Appolo Dashboard is in the development stage: for more queries please reach us out on Telegram https://t.me/nomosproject

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