Decentralized Applications

Building UI infrastructure on Blockchain


Nomos Dashboard - 'Appolo'

‘Appolo’ is a Nomos optimal AI based dashboard that features hype metrics (simplified), sentiment analysis (global trends), reputation and transaction analysis (advanced). The aim of this tool is to provide organized crypto sentiment data, all combined in a user-friendly interface. The dashboard will be accessible to anyone with ‘Nomos Wallet’ or Metamask.

  • ‘Appolo’ helps make educated decisions when investing in crypto projects
  • Users of ‘Appolo’ will be able to check enhanced data on a neatly designed interface. Coins and tokens will be scanned or selected from a Trend Chart
  • Nomos Token Holders will receive continuous rewards; a nominal transaction fee will be charged to use this feature

Nomos Addresses

Interfaces are just a start when it comes to shortened wallet addresses. Users of Nomos Tools will have the option to set a shortened version of their wallet address. This tool will be used as a separate API layer & will be available for third-party use.

  • Nomos Addresses shorten any existing cryptocurrency wallet address & makes it memorable
  • Nomos Token (NMS) will be used to request on-chain data. A nominal transaction fee will be charged, further rewarding holders of NMS

Nomos Wallet

Nomos wallet comes with integrated Nomos Tools (Nomos Dashboard and Nomos Addresses). On top of that the wallet will feature sophisticated holding display, swaps, trading, and staking opportunities.

  • Nomos Wallet integrates all nomos tools in one interface
  • Nomos Addresses will be first available within the wallet