General FAQ

When has Nomos Launched?

Nomos Token (NMS) has launched on PinkSale Launchpad at 15th October 2021;

Link to Fairlaunch: PinkSale

Is the NMS Liquidity locked?

LP tokens are locked by Pinksale for 1 Year

Lock Date: 2021.10.15 17:37 UTC

Unlock Date: 2022.10.15 17:37 UTC

Proof of lock: NMS Liquidity Lock

Where can I buy NMS?

You can trade NMS on PancakeSwap > Get NMS on PancakeSwap

How to show NMS in Trust Wallet & MetaMask

To get your tokens shown in your Trust Wallet or Metamask, please follow the instructions below.


📑 Required information when adding NMS Token
Nomos Contract Address:
Token Symbol: NMS
Decimals: 11


🔸 Add NMS Token on TrustWallet

1. Tap on the toggle sign on the upper right corner of the Wallet Screen
2. Scroll all the way down and click ‘Add Custom Token’
3. Select Network (Smart Chain)
4. Paste Nomos Token Contract Address:

-Add Token Symbol: NMS
– Add Decimals of Precision: 11
-Click Done (upper right corner)

✅You shall now see your NMS shown in Trust Wallet

More information available here: https://community.trustwallet.com/t/how-to-add-a-custom-token/213


🔸 Add NMS Token on MetaMask

1. Navigate to Assets
2. Click Add Token
3. Select the Custom Token tab
4. Add Token Contract Address (see below for Nomos’s address):

-Add Token Symbol: NMS
-Add Decimals of Precision: 11
-Click Next

✅ You shall now see your NMS shown in MetaMask


Note that ERC-20 and BEP-20 are same token standards

Is Nomos Smart Contract Audited?

Yes, the smart contract of Nomos (NMS) has been audited by InterFi Audits.

The fact that we have passed a smart contract audit with minor severity risk means that the trust factor in the Project will increase drastically. This enables us to offer better suited proposals to venture capitalists & private tech investors. It is a green light to negotiate with other blockchian projects.

Read the Smart Contract Audit

Can I have passive income with Nomos?

Each Holder of Nomos (NMS) receives 4% tax Redistribution in Tokens

When is Appolo Dashboard Launching?

Appolo Dashboard is in the development stage: for more queries please reach us out on Telegram https://t.me/nomosproject