Meet the Team Nomos

Nomos Team features interdisciplinary professionals from around the globe! Their expertise covers leading successful creative projects, UI design, software development and multi-media marketing

Luka Zet

Strategic Lead

Focused on strategic development of Nomos. Leads successful international projects in creative industry. Supports innovations & blockchain!

George Shein

Concept Development

Architect/designer. Professor. Focused on concept development, branding and tool design.

Louis Lee

Senior Blockchain Developer

An enthusiastic and product-minded software engineer has rich experience with blockchain.

Dea Val

Social Media Marketing

Engaged in evolving Nomos’s online identity and presence. Cares about Art, Science and Technology

Armando, Advisor at Nomos Token (NMS)

Armando Perez


Tech expert and blockchain passionate. Focused on advisory and Americas market growth.

Daniel Z


Has a vast network of connections in the financial & creative tech sector. He is in charge of advancing NOMOS in the UK